"We have to thank Chiara Luce for her wonderful life witness.

However, let us remind ourselves that the gratitude

she surely would like to receive is 'the constant decision to imitate her lifestyle example" 

                                                                           + Mons. Livio Maritano


On ten past four in the morning of 7th October 1990, feast of the Virgin of the Rosary, Chiara – after saying goodbye to her mom: “Ciao, be happy, I am” – she joins her beloved “Bridegroom”.

Two days later, hundreds and hundreds of people, especially youths, take part in the funeral celebrated by “her” bishop. Even among the tears, the atmosphere is a joyous one; the hymns that rise up to God express the certitude that Chiara is now within the true Light.

Biography Chiara Badano



The Postulation's objective is to safeguard the figure and spirituality of the Blessed, as well as proving her fame of sanctity. It is a precious thing to be kept informed and abreast of anything that organised in her name.



                                                          ALLEGED HEALINGS

Any alleged healing obtained through the intercession of Blessed Chiara, must be immediately reported to the Postulation.












Chiara Badano’s feast is celebrated every year on October 29









There are no relics of the

Blessed available














It is important to inform the Postulation ahead of time regarding the realization of any works (books, plays, DVDs, etc.) on the Blessed Chiara Badano.




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Please be advised that there is no other "Charity" created by the Postulation of the Cause for the Canonization of Blessed Chiara Badano except the one in Bénin, named "Chiara Luce Badano Center" and under the jurisdiction of the local Bishops. No one is allowed to request contributions for any project other than this one.


Please be advised again that no one is authorised to sell Blessed Chiara Luce prayer cards without premission from the Postulation. No one is allowed to make profit from the sale of sacred images.


No one has been authorised  to go around for any kind of request on behalf of the Postulation, the Chiara Badano Association or the "Luce d'Amore" Charity.